Annick et les tapis à histoires

I was at Peri Naua school in Orwetoveni from 20 May to 14 June 2011
My objective of my mission was to set up a pedagogical and cultural project around the “stories carpets” in order to cause some language situations to allow the childern to practice English.

The project was first introduced to the teachers to provide explanations, to give them the will to do and even to a parent to help us to sew the carpets.
The aim is to create some tools for the class, to use second hand material and to do things with what we have. To be suitable for young children, the material was strong, washable and risk free.
The project started there : meeting, sharing and creativity around the materiel and pedagogical animation of the story, the story carpet staging it.

I manufactured and left to the school 3 stories carpets with the books or writings which illustrate the following stories originated from France and/or Africa and all translated into English :

The stories carpets are in fabrics, coloured, nice to see and soft to touch and to handle. The three teachers Gisela, Anneline and Sofia were very exited to use them themselves. After having introduced the stories to the children, we  unrolled the carpets in front of surprised, delighted and interested kids, who did not escape one scrap of the presentation.

Every day, in front of the three sections all together, comfortably sat on floor mats, we were playing like at theatre, each of us using her own way, voice, words and staging……… The booklets or stories left in the library allowed the children to tell the stories and to exchange between them, during the morning welcome, for example.

Very quickly and very spontaneously, the pleasure made some of them want to change places with the adults and to tell the stories. Without any fear nor language problem in front of the group, Jennifer, Joseph, then Beatrix……… surprised us and captivated their audience.

The pleasure was shared and our objective reached. The stay and the experience were very enriching.