Planting of trees at Orwetoveni school

When its tours ended, the theatre company of Troistorrents in Switzerland whished to support an action of an association. One of its members, lover of Namibia and in contact with Peri Naua school handed a cheque to the association on behalf of the theatre company "Dilemne sur planche". After a discussion with Peri Naua managment, it was resolved that part of the amount will fund the planting of trees in the school yard to offer shadow to the children. In October 2010, two members of the theatre company, together with a friend visited the school to plant the trees. There were simple gestures between the white hands and the black hands in a sharing spirit. Everyone had a smile on his face, favourable moment for exchanging and sharing within a harmony without borders. A human value which gives another dimension to the journey….. Thank you for this sharing time. Elisabeth – Myriam – Joseph

Plantation d'arbres