Give a bit of one time to help the most disadvantaged !

Peri Nau is ever in search of voluntary teachers (English speaking) for the training of the local school mistresses at the nursery school.
In your family, amongst your relatives, you may know a student willing to get an experience abroad. Talk to them about Peri Naua !
Whatever your age, you are full of knowledge !
More than the specific criteria, Peri Naua requires a commitment from the volunteers . Depending of the duration of your stay, your professional and human experience, your adaptability and your English proficiency, Peri Naua may be the organization, which will allow you to live an experience out of the ordinary.
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Student in graphic design, I have decided to leave in the framework of the civic service far from my studies, far from my comfort zone, in order to live a unique experience … and I was not disappointed! Volunteer at the library as well as the school from time to time, I have had the chance, that I say, the privilege to be able to attend and participate in the birth of a project. Arrived in September, we have, with another volunteer, Anna, made the necessary to be able to open the library: coverage of books, inventories, paintings, small jobs, everything it takes to put in the bath at the outset.
After the opening of the library, it is another adventure which begins! New Project, for the children as for us, we must think, we must redesign the organization, be present for the children, make them familiar with this new place. And that is where the adventure takes all its meaning. The links are created with the children, the discussions become possible and learning in is enormous. The children, these small toddlers without barriers, are open to us without complex, in a sincerity touching, and, with their words, between mumbo-jumbo in English and with the universal language of hands, we learn to discover their life, their goals, their dreams. Ujakwa who wants to become a doctor in Canada, Hedwig who wants, as her mother, become a teacher in order to help her community, or Brown, who, in the image of his idol Barack Obama, wants to become president (nothing as that!). As many names, faces, dreams that I will not forget! These young people filled with hopes for their future remind us that, despite the material poverty in which they live, nothing is played in advance. And if by our small means, we can help them to believe in their dreams, then so much the better.
Because Peri Naua  is also this: by the school and the library, give them the possibility of a quality education, help them to grow, to improve in the learning in reading, in order to have the best possible chance for the future, in an environment where  access to knowledge is a luxury that is sometimes difficult to offer themselves.
This experience, these meetings have been for me a source of deep enrichment. It is impossible to explain to what extent these children, this community, have brought to me and I sincerely hope that I have been able, from the top of my weak means to  give them, this would be only a tenth of what I have received!
I could still talk about my personal project of the creation of a book with the children, who has allowed me to meet with key individuals in the community, of discussions with the local volunteers or the teachers about  the school, about their country, their future and  hopes. But I think that it is an impossible mission  to transcribe these moments in their original wealth  and, by fear of not being able to describe them to their fair value, I will simply finish by Thank You!
Thank you to Peri Naua for having given me the fabulous opportunity to live this experience, thank you to Monique for having accompanied me in it, as well as for all the energy that she puts in Peri Naua, thank you to the community of the Township for their kindness, their smiles and their human warmth, thank you to the children of the school and of the Library for their simplicity and their open heart, thank you to the family home with which I have lived during these six months for having welcomed me as a brother and a son, and finally thank you to Namibia for its landscapes of dream  but especially for everything that it has brought me, even if I am sure that I will realize only in a few years how much it has brought to me. Thank you.

Sylvain – September 2015- March 2016



See a spark of curiosity in their eyes, notice the corner of the mouth that rises to draw a smile, feel the tremor of impatience, see all the teeth because laughter came, guess that reflection begins behind those eyebrows that pucker ... All sensations that can be felt face an attentive group are increased tenfold when the story told is heard for the first time by children who have never seen a picture book before. Namibia is not only a country of breathtaking landscapes and fascinating animals, it is also children's dreams and hopes in the future, a simple life that one wants better, people has nothing but share everything. So thank you to Peri Naua, thank you to the teachers, thank you to  the many children who have allowed me to experience this. I'm not sure I brought many things to the 500 children that I met at the library that they could teach me. If my three months here have served at least one child to discover a taste for reading, so my mission is fulfilled. I return enriched with smiles, happiness, sharing, and full of hope for the future.

Anna - August-December 2015



I decided to go and work in Namibia for Peri Naua after obtaining my degree  in July 2013. As part of the Civic Service, I spent eight months at Peri Naua pre-primary school to teach manual activities  and to realise a puppet show, from the manufacturing of the puppets to the show.
By going abroad, I wanted to live another experience, to step back on my personal route, to know me more and think about my future studies. There was a double challenge : exercise a first professional experience, in an unusual surroundings abroad.
Upon my arrival, the children have immediately adopted me . Voluntary, creative and spontaneous, they have been a real driving for the step by step building of my project. Together, we have been working on a local story, manufacturing puppets, painting the sceneries, inventing the staging, and performing the show into a dozen school in the area. Each of the children have found his role and have known how to highlight it. Then, all of us (the teachers, the children and myself) had the opportunity to visit other pre-schools in the township. By comparing them to Peri Naua, we realized how our children were privileged, thanks to the educational material available, the quality of the teaching, but also thanks to the work of Monique Escurat on site and the dedication of the volunteers in France. It is this preliminary work that allows fifty children to go out of their difficult daily life and also that allows volunteers to live unique experiences.
I keep only positive points from this year across the world, where the people are so simple and welcoming. Deep in myself, I know that I will always keep a space for Namibia and its warmth.
Today, I would like to make of this experience, something very rich, both in human field and professionally.
Thousands of thanks for all.
Jeanne Marquis – 15 October 2013- 15 June 2014



Far from the dunes of Sossusvlei and from Etosha national Park, which I fell in love as a tourist last year, I discovered another face of Namibia during these six weeks that I spent at the school of Peri Naua in Otjiwarongo.
Here, one sings, one learns, one speaks English, one listens, one shares, one plays, one follows the rules, and one grows.
Those children, who do not seem to have much, are rich of a life to build in a country that has still to grow.
Ihemba, Charliza, Betuel, Angela, Prince, Romanda, Eshuel and all the others, the Namibia of tomorrow is You. As a teacher, here in France, I would like to have learners like you, respectful and eager to learn, generous.
Every morning, after having straddled my bike to swallow a few miles that separated me from the school, I have, as best as I could, helped the teachers already well trained by the work of several previous volunteers : refining the evaluations and progressions, proposing activities for children in need, providing new activities, such as writing a story, making a book…
So, BRAVO Peri Naua, thousand of thanks to Monique Escurat, the head of the school and my host during those six weeks for her hospitality and her daily investment.
Thank you to Peri naua, that allowed me to live a unique experience, rich in encounters , humanity, sharing and discoveries !

Anne July-August 2013



Arrived by chance at the school of  Peri Naua, I had the pleasure and opportunity to share the lives of children for 4 months. Immediately adopted by these toddlers no higher than 3 apples, I had an experience that I'm not ready to forget.
A bit lost in the middle of the township, the school appears to be a paradise for those children who live in houses with corrugated iron and other scrap metal pieces collected here and there.
A far cry from what I could imagine, I was affected by the kits and their state of mind and strength of character. Always looking for attention, they want nothing more than affection.
They have nothing to offer but yet they brought me so much, sometimes mistress, now girlfriend games, far from my comfort in Paris, my place in the school was a little confusing, but no matter: any help is welcomed at Peri Naua, even a simple visit will delight children for the day.
I also had the chance to meet some parents and grandparents, which has enabled me to understand a little better where was coming from this "daredevil" side that I found in children.
I hope to have the opportunity to return one day to see what has became of my little learners, if Teophilus is still shy, if Kenneth still comes to school with his bag of chips at 7am, if Reinhardine still draws well, if Ihemba has still his madness  swaying of his hips
Finally, I would like to thank Monique who facilitated my integration into the school and allowed me to live this wonderful experience.
I especially want to thank her for the opportunity she provides to these children so that they can one day leave the township for good.

Hiu  September- December 2012



During a trip, we do not expect what we will live, we do not anticipate what we will learn. The unknown surprises you... and yet ... the unexpected was there...
Away to my school of architecture, I wanted to create a volunteer project in education, an area that is close to my heart.
Peri Naua gave me the opportunity to get involved in a network already well established in Namibia. With the invaluable help of volunteers on site, my experience was reinforced; soak up the local culture, different lifestyles, Namibian landscapes intensely surprising, African human realities ...
My first goal was to produce a report on the actions undertaken by Peri Naua Namibia, especially the kindergarten Peri Naua installed in Otjiwarongo. I could not resist to the charms of children ... Their joy of life, their nature, their spontaneity, their eagerness for learning and discovery, their curiosity ... All these qualities of childhood that are further reinforced in this country contradicted by its history still present. The country is suffering but the children are the future and hope.
Peri Naua ...
Poor but rich ... feelings of helplessness and anger at this injustice. However, the joy of life of these children is a real motivation.
This experience has been rich in learning and openness of mind. Following this adventure, we can not remain insensitive ... we will not be never the same ... THANK THEM!

Pauline - 26 September to 29 November 2012


What an adventure!

I was part of the volunteers in summer 2012. With my colleagues, we had a common mission: to participate in the renovation of the school Peri Naua in Otjiwarongo. We have joined our strengths to carry out   this mission. It was an extraordinary experience, away from the modern world as we know it in France, I discovered a country, landscapes, rich cultures and peoples and so simple at the same time. I did encounter formidable character, thank you Monique for your warm hospitality and your support   during these two months, thank you Anne-Laure for your confidence, thank you to Nathalie and Alexander for their availability. Peri Naua achieves a remarkable job with all these children. Thanks to you and all for your hard work, these little toddlers have the chance to escape from their ghetto, dreaming of a better future. Access to education is the backbone of personal development.
Mehdi – July August 2012



The project with the stories-carpet has already been presented in another section, and I could also live very interesting situations and encounters.
The sewing machine loaned by Nathalie Nosjean has added to the comfort of children in school: nap mat covers, floor cushions, puppets for teachers and dishcloths led to moments of sharing with Charliza mom ...
The meeting with the principal of a primary school was very rewarding: it was a link between our two school structures to prepare the entry into Grade One of the first cohort of students who were leaving our school in December 201 and we have highlighted on the prerequisites necessary to better prepare for their entry to the primary school. More than anything, the easy practice of the English language is for them a success factor, we never doubted!
I accompanied Monique in shopping for the school almost every day  : from salt to doormat, from stack of paper to kitchen towel, also providing meat every Wednesday and the morning meals.
I met Peter from the Clay House Project when Monique was discussing with him of the steps to be taken to repair the plaster of the walls after the rainy season and of an estimate for the construction of the covered playground and find funding ... to see finally the result on recent photos of Monique!
We went to a English private school at Otjikondo, located about an hour and a half from Otjiwarongo ; the welcome was warm and the visit very instructive. Then, we have a better understanding of how all actions taken in this direction by the associations, including Peri Naua participate in Better Living and Learning for these children. The drive was also a great fun time with the landscapes and wildlife of Namibia.
We had some walking tours on the heights of the Waterberg where we lived moments of peace, almost meditative.  In a property of a nearby guesthouse, we  enjoyed the spectacle of weaver nests, the escapades of graceful impalas, the surprised gaze of a waterbock and the crimsonbreasted shrike,  beautiful birds black and red approaching closer.  A big thank to those who helped me to prepare and conduct on-site this wonderful mission!
Annick - 20 May to 14 June 2011



As part of a training abroad, I spent two months as a volunteer at the school in Orwetoveni in Namibia. Far away from the wonderful postcard landscapes, I discovered some disadvantaged areas as well as rough and ready shelters.The nursery school of Peri Naua appears like a colored island in the middle of a sea of steel sheets.
My mission was centered on two main axes : teaching dental hygiene and developing a pedagogical vegetable garden. It took much less time for the children to become familiar with their tooth brush than the time it took me to succeed in working a very small piece of land ! We also found enough time to build an outside game structure.
I consider that this project of the nursery school is a success story. This is mainly due to the daily work of Monique, as well to the punctual assistance of the volunteers specialized in the training of teachers. The mistresses like the children and are eager to learn and to be trained.
For me, this experience was very enriching because I had the opportunity to meet and converse with people of different culture. I can strongly advise any interested person (with or without pedagogical background) at rush in this human adventure. I will never forget the smile and the joy of living of these children. I am making a point of thanking in particular Monique and Nathalie for their warm hospitality and their actions for the benefit of the organization.
Mathieu, July/August 2010



This mission went on under excellent conditions, both in the human relations field and the material field. I very much appreciated the work at school, which was carried out in a faith atmosphere.

I thank Monique, who warmly welcomed me and with whom , at any moment, I could speak about the difficulties encountered and exchanged issues on the future of this school. This helped me a lot to quickly assess the realities.

She was constantly listening in my wishes for this class and gave me the financial means to achieve them, all this in a faith atmosphere and complicity. I hope that this project will continue on the long term for the benefit of the children, who showed themselves wonderfully alive, interested and often performing in spite of their very difficult daily living conditions.

Dominique, From 10 January to 23 April 2010


Peri Naua, an extraordinary experience amongst the people of Namibia.

Sharing the daily life of these children has been a strong adventure that I am not ready to forget ! Light years from my training, Peri Naua allowed me to take part in its project of helping the development of education in Namibia.
With the assistance of volunteers in France and on site, I could contribute to this wonderful project in bringing material and pedagogical support to the sponsored schools. I thus lived six unforgettable months in Namibia, where I learned the culture of one of the Namibian people (Nama-Damaras). I also discovered the magnificent landscapes of this country. Two years after this adventure, I have only one wish : to save enough money, so that I can go back there. Florent


Four months at Ondundu, a small village next to the mining town of Tsumeb.

I came to Namibia in February until the end of May 2004 to help run the nursery school in Ondundu. I am a school teacher and I discovered a rich and poor country at the same time, a very welcoming population and people willing to get involved in helping the children. The word that comes to my mind when I think of my mission is : adaptability; take the example of the security ! The children enjoyed a lot in getting involved in the cleaning of the school yard; I located some pieces of broken glass and I wanted to take them off; they wonderfully helped me, while I feared for their safety! no injuries and a ideal school yard, to run after each other, jump and have fun ! A lot of other souvenirs, small touching details, which still make me dream and I am longing to go back there…. A country with breathtaking varying landscapes waiting to be discovered, a country with inhabitants so generous and so free ! It is a real blessing to have taught such enthusiastic children, as they have a hunger to learn.
Christelle, from February to May 2004