In the XXIe century, to give access to all to education is not SUPERFLUOUS, but it is a PRIORITY !

Thanks to the generosity of the visitors and donors, we have plenty of school stationery and educational material.
This kind of material take up space in your luggage and therefore, we invite you to give your generosity an other way.

Adhere to our actions !

Ask for the bulletin of adhesion to
Visit the school : the children love to have visitors !
It is possible to support our organization in visiting our school in Otjiwarongo.
The entrance is free but the visit should be organized in advance in order to not disturb the good running of the school program. Your guide will inform you of the possibilities, taking into consideration the school holidays and will advise you how to thank your host, if you wish to do so. Contact :
Forwarding of various material
Peri Naua is ever in search of people to bring to Namibia the school material that was donated, or to take back to France some Namibian handicraft for our fund raising efforts. A small space in your luggage ? Please let us know at
Sponsorship bulletin
You can support our association by subscribing a sponsorship bulletin, of which the amount will be allocated to the operating budget of the school (salaries, water, food, etc). You will also receive the "Orwetoveni newsletter" twice a year.
Send a mail to and we will send to you a sponsorship bulletin in return.
You can make a punctual donation of which the amount will be allocated to a specific investment and a special activity for the children
Send a mail to  and we will send you the list of the planned investment or activity for the semester.
Peri Naua will keep you informed of the use of your donation, if you so wish..
Handicraft :
If you do not know what to offer for a special occasion, like a birth or other special event, consider a gift from our handicraft. Your action will bring joy to both your loved ones and will also support some of the most disadvantaged on the African continent.
To know the places and the dates of our markets in France, send an email to
The craft shop of Londiningi Guest House in Windhoek proposed the production of the craftsmen of the street, who wish to live with dignity from the fruit of their work. The prices are established with their consent and 5% of the sales are transferred to Peri Naua.