From 2003 to 2010, Peri Naua helped the association Help the Helpless, developer of a kindergarten in Ondundu (Tsumeb)
- Improvement of existing premises
- Construction of a classroom
- Construction of a building for use as kitchen / storage
- Training of teachers
- Sending volunteers
- Financial support for the operation of the school

Currently, the school continues to operate and welcomes some fifty students


The school

How the school of Orwetoveni originated ?

- End of 2007 : starting of the erection of three buildings (one class room, one sport hall, one kitchen)
- Beginning 2008 : Peri Naua financed the equipment of the kitchen and the purchase of additional educational material
- End 2008 : termination of the buildings, appointment of the teachers the security guard and enrolment of the children.
- January 2009 : first school opening with 24 children and two teachers


Continuation of our actions at Orwetoveni

- Sending of volunteers as part of specific missions, combining our training need and the knowledge and know how of the volunteers.
- The aim of Peri Naua being to support this structure on the long term for the benefit of the disadvantaged children, it continues to finance the entire operating costs of the school : salaries, purchase of food, cleaning material, school stationery, water, electricity,…
- Creation of a third class in September 2015 and recruitment of  a new teacher
- Organization of classes in the afternoon (homework assistance) to support learners in their progress in primary school

Today, 60 children attend the school. The state subsidizes two of our teachers, a sign of recognition of the quality of education provided.


The library

In October 2015, after months of preparation and the support of sponsors (Clay House Project, B2Gold, Ecole et Collège du  Sacré Choeur at Thonon les Bains, Millard North High School) we opened a neighborhood library, primarily aimed for pupils of  primary level in order to support their reading learning.
The success was immediate. More than words, the blog of Sylvain  http://libraryperinaua.wix.com/blog recounts the beginning of this adventure.



- Presentation of a slide show on Namibia and Peri- Naua actions
- Lending of a pedagogical small wallet to the French schools
- Collection in the school of educational material and information of the children
- Exhibition-sales, participation to some markets of the world, to the Week of the International Solidarity
- Pedagogical exchanges on culture, education and health
- Drawing up of the follow up of the learners for the attention of the sponsors
- Photo exhibition


Embassy of Namibia in France and Embassy of France in Namibia
General council of Meuse Municipality of Bar Le Duc FOL part if the campaign " No schools = no future"
Lions Club of Saint Mihiel Volunteers from Lorraine and Namibia
The association from Bretagne " star of the children"
The association "to you, children" in Isere Peri Naua Namibia, sister association, set up in 2008
Londiningi Guest House in Windhoek
Spirit of Africa, travel organiser ; contact : makaladf@yahoo.fr
XO Adventures