Shortly after the independence of Namibia, some tourists from Lorraine discovered the wild open spaces of the country.

Year after year, they make use of the community - based lodging where they met the local population. They realized also how immensely difficult it was for disadvantaged children to have access to a basic education. Evolving from sympathetic tourists, they become the founders of PERI NAUA, an association not for gain, which was set up in 2002.

Peri Naua is running exclusively with volunteers. The funds are sourced from donations and from the profit on the sales of African handicraft, which finance the operating costs and the maintenance of the two schools supported by the association in the townships of Tsumeb (Ondundu) and Otjiwarongo (Orwetoveni).

At the end of 2010, Peri Naua put an end to its support to the nursery school in Tsumeb and now concentrates its efforts on the new structure in Otjiwarongo.

From left to right :

Nathalie (Londiningi guest house, WIndhoek) partner Peri Naua
Anne-Laure, president Peri Naua France
Monique, Project Manager Peri Naua, Namibia
Christine, board member, Peri Naua, France