Do you dream of wild open spaces, of discovers, of encounters with people from other cultures ; do you dream to live in harmony with nature? You will not be disappointed by the beauty of Namibia, which evokes emotions of magic and amazement.
Peri Naua is not a travel agency and has no link with any of them ; however, we encourage the community-based lodging accommodation.
Some members of the association can help you with the organization of your trip, in sharing their experiences, their passion and their knowledge of Namibia.

We will reply to your questions in order to help you to organize your trip.

Nathalie, the owner of Londiningi Guest house in Windhoek who is an active member of Peri Naua and her companion can provide you with precious advice. The assistance of Peri Naua to the organization of your travel, may be thanked by a donation, a membership to the association, a visit at the school or any other supportive tokens.

If you dream to travel to Namibia, children are dreaming to go to school
A Help us to help each other and every one will be all the greater for their actions.